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Maintaining and Improving your website can be hard. We are here to help you and provide all solutions for your website needs. Give your WordPress website some love.

We are dedicated to your website success WordPress maintenance and development.

Our team helps marketing teams to manage IT and Website infrastructure and development needs


Checkout and Client area optimization, to improve your customer retention and conversion rates.


We take care of your website security with automated security scans and best practices for WordPress security


Keep track of what's happening in your company from a centralized dashboard.


Slow WP Admin? Low Page Speed Score? We can solve your headaches and make your WordPress website blazingly fast!


Solutions for a website of any size

No matter what size your team, we have a solution. From single shared spaces to entire floors, it’s available.

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Full Service WordPress maintenance plans

We do all the heavy lifting and customizations for your behalf + dedicated project manager

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WordPress Speed Optimization

Make your site lightning speed, pass Core Web Vitals and improve your user-experiencea nd seo

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WordPress Security Audit

Each website is different. Make sure your WordPress and Server infrastructure is properly secured

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WooCommerce checkout optimization

We do all the heavy lifting and customizations for your behalf + dedicated project manager

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WP Admin performance optimization

Fast, secure and convenient way to run your business, never wait for admin panel to load.

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Using our single innovative platform you can remove all your communication dependencies and the messy rat’s nest of email, calls, texts, wikis, and apps you currently have.

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Free Site Security Audit

Our server network never goes down.

Free Site Speed Audit

We store all your data forever. No extra charge.

Personalised insights for your pain-points

Keep your communication and data safe.

* Limited to the life of the company

Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your data should be connected and portable. We offer a wide range of integrations for WordPress and WooCommerce

Accounting Automatiztion

Automate your invoicing and accounting of your e-commerce store, with integrating your WooCommerce with your accounting software. Custom integrations available


Communicate important messages to your users through Landkit using Mailchimp as the delivery service.


Sync any file store to Dropbox for automated sharing with people outside the company.


Allow your customers to pay via credit card by integrating stripe into your checkout

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Easily manage and edit any Adwords campaign inline to improve ROI with constant review.


Keep your entire team in sync with development and easily manage tasks, goals, and deadlines.

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